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Online electrical

The usage of electronic devices and there importance increases day by day in our society. In the present era peoples are kind of slaves of their gadgets and electronics as it make things easy and reachable for them. Life is now incomplete without these gadgets and no one can survive without them as they are considered an integral part of life.
The direct wholesale deals with electronic consumables and supplies to the customers at their very end. Here the electric products are divided in different categories and these are following:

  1. Fans.
  2. Circuit breakers.
  3. Lamps and lightings.
  4. House electrical consumables.
  5. Wires and other products.

Here you can shop under a one roof and all the things have an easy access to you. These electronic accessories and products are used for both professional and residential purposes. The products we deal in are of 100% guaranteed and of good quality as well. The direct whole sale have different ranges of prices for the product with the huge variety of designs which meets our customer’s desire and need.


The right destination for the reliable product for quality and price wise both the direct wholesale is a best option to visit. The different variety and style in fans for example ceiling fans, designer fans and exhaust fans all are available here. The fans of different can give the coverage to wide halls, conference rooms, and big space rooms. All these are efficient working products and durable too. Selection of good electronic is easy at direct wholesale because of their detailed information and customer service.We build trustworthy relationship between us and our customer


The direct whole sale have association with the famous and prestigious brands which helps in enlightening your place and decorate your home with love and full affection. With the aim of bringing ease to the life of a common man in shopping electric products online we give them access to one basket and grab things for themselves what they want. With all these services we gave timely services to our customers in delivering the product at their place. Hence they make themselves free from the headache of bargaining and going for shop after spending a rough day.

The time of going to the physical stores and buy a product by actually touching them have now being replaced by the online shopping. Although people are reluctant to purchase products online as they believe that it might not turn out to be the way they thought would be yet it is the most easiest and convenient way to make a purchase deal. You don’t have to go the store and buy a product rather you just sit at home and each and every product is just a click away. We at direct wholesale believe in selling quality products to the customers and maintaining a trust bond so that if the customers faces any problem we are there to assist them. Try us and we wont disappoint you.

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